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The Best Liquid Lipstick

There are so many different liquid lipsticks out there and they all seemed to have gained popularity out of minute we had traditional, twist-up lipsticks then...BOOM...liquid lipsticks had arrived. Now, it seems as though the liquid lipstick trend is here to stay...and not without good reason. They have all the colour of a traditional lipstick but with the application of lip gloss, making them easier to apply and more pigmented than their predecessors. The colour doesn't transfer onto food, drink cups or smear someone else's lips when making out anywhere near as much as twist-up lipsticks do and whilst no lip colour is going to last all day (as annoying as that can be), liquid lipsticks can last for hours and hours without needing a touch up as they contain long-wearing polymers which means they won't come off in the summer heat, even if the rest of your make-up has. They also come in so many colours (from blues and pinks to greens and reds to whites and blacks) and finishes (satin, metallic, cream and the ever popular, matte).

Despite all the positives about liquid lipsticks, there are also some negatives about them. Depending on the formula, some brands can be extremely drying which doesn't always give the best look, especially if the lipstick has a matte finish as this will only emphasise the dryness to everybody else. It's also not the most comfortable thing to wear as you can feel how dry your lips are. If a formula is very drying, it can begin to crumble around the inside of your lips (something that I, personally, cannot stand!). Along with this, extremely matte formulas can be extremely difficult to remove once they are dry so there are no rooms for mistakes when applying! You only have a few seconds to correct any wonky lines without ruining the rest of your make-up trying to fix it. This isn't the end of the world though as it just shows the longevity of these lipsticks!

So what is the BEST liquid lipstick?

I can't tell you what the best one is as every person loves a different formula, but I can tell you my personal well as my least liked liquid lipsticks.

The liquid lipstick brand that I like the least is Kylie Cosmetics...I know, I know but let me finish! I've tried many brands of liquid lipsticks and Kylie Cosmetics is far to drying for my crumbles almost as soon as it's dried and I find it uncomfortable sitting on my lips. Crumbling aside, these lipsticks do not budge at all, they are so difficult to remove! I have tried a few different shades and it is the same with every matte colour I've tried. I will say though, the metallic liquid lipsticks from Kylie are not as drying which makes them more wearable and comfortable for me. So if you don't mind the crumbling and having what I can so technically describe as a "butt hole" (where your lipstick crumbles and reveals your natural lip colour on the inner area of your lips; this is particularly annoying with darker colours as it is a more obvious contrast), then you may enjoy Kylie lipsticks. Remember, this is all down to personal preference. One of my friends is a true Kylie Cosmetics fan and wears them everyday, she loves them! I personally, do not.

Okay, moving on! The best liquid lipsticks are...

Ofra Cosmetics!!

I love Ofra Cosmetics. They have really great products but the first item I bought from them was a liquid lipstick and I have loved them ever since. Their formulas are creamy and non-drying so they are really comfortable to wear all day. They last all day too...without crumbling!

Ofra liquid lipsticks do not dry down entirely as they are a more creamy formula but they do dry completely matte. I will say, depending on the colour, it can leave a small amount of transfer for a while after applying it but this doesn't affect the colour pigmentation on your lips. I haven't met anybody who doesn't like Ofra liquid lipsticks so far and they have so many different colours that there really is something for everybody. My favourite shades Pasadena and Miami Fever (from a collaboration with Youtuber, Kathleen Lights) for everyday make-up looks and Atlantic City to pair with basic make-up and a white t-shirt.

Which liquid lipstick do I wear everyday?

If I am not wearing Pasadena, or a similar Ofra lip colour, with my everyday make-up look, I will be wearing NYX Liquid Suede in the shade Soft-Spoken. Recently, I've been wearing this more than any of my Ofra ones as it has a lighter feel and looks great when paired with Dose of Colors lip gloss in the shade Rosé. In fact, Soft-Spoken has quickly become a firm favourite of mine and I'm now on my third tube of it! I love it so much that I haven't even tried any other shades from the collection. However, this lipstick will not last all day and won't survive through drinking or eating. The reason I like it though, is that it wears off very evenly and doesn't ever become patchy as some liquid lipsticks tend to do which makes it great for day to day wear when it doesn't need to last all day and I don't want to worry about touching up for a while.

Other great brands

NYX have some amazing colours and they also have several different finishes to choose from. NYX also do some fantastic face and eye products. They are also the most affordable brand out of all the ones I've mentioned.

Dose of Colors have some beautiful liquid lipstick shades. Their liquid lipsticks are all matte but they also have traditional lipsticks in satin and creamy finishes, as well as lip glosses. Dose of Colors have some beautiful eye shadows as well, which I love.

I love liquid lipsticks and if you haven't yet tried any, now is a great time to, especially as there's lots of Christmas parties so why not?! Go and try something new...there's a liquid lipstick for everyone!

Thank you for reading, please give this post a like and leave a lovely comment if you enjoyed it. Let me know if there's a topic you'd like me to cover or a product or make-up look you'd like me to try out!

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