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Inspired by an Ernest Hemmingway quote, Kin is a project which blends together the Japanese art of Kintsugi and the word 'kin' - meaning family. Kintsugi (also known as Kintsukuroi) is the art of mending broken pottery using a gold lacquer. It shows that a break is part of the history and not something to hide; instead, we should celebrate it. This project is to portray that we are not broken, but whole, beautiful, and one.


"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places." - Ernest Hemmingway.



This project was created by Erin Wheatland and Daniel Filipe.

Hair, Makeup, and Gold Lines by Erin Wheatland

Photography and Retouch by Daniel Filipe


Ashley is from Florida but is currently living with her husband and young daughter in London. She was born without her right arm fully developed, allowing her to use a prosthetic, bionic forearm and hand. Self-confessed 'cyborg', Ashley works as a model and has also worked on Halloween nights, with makeup on her arm to show her as a zombie. She has also worked at Sea World and at Universal Orlando. Ashley chooses the colour of her bionic arms and is currently using a gold one.

Jasmine is a blend of Nigerian, Jamaican, and Chinese but has lived her whole life in the UK. She completed her Masters and now works as a specialist BIM/CAD consultant and models part time. She been published four times, including in Vogue Italia - Photovogue. Her work has lead her to her biggest achievement - being able to send her parents off on a dream holiday for their anniversary present. In the past, Jasmine has struggled with her body image but is now able to accept her curves and love them being a part of her. 

Kathleen is half-French and has lived in India, China, South Africa, Dubai but is currently living in London, along with her family. Kathleen has Down's Syndrome, which means she has one more chromosome than is typical. Kathleen is working as a model and activist - she was in Elle List 2019 and spoken at the UN, as well as walking in fashion week shows. She enjoys singing and dancing, spending time with her family, and can speak both English and French.