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Erin is a freelance hair and make-up artist. With a focus on beautiful skin and soft textures, she works for a mix of small businesses and high end brands. Although, she often works within the fashion industry, Erin has also worked on several theatre productions, short films, music videos, and commercials.  



Alzheimer's Research UK


Playful Promises

Lyle & Scott




Mugler Parfum

Zenith Watches


Nikki Lilly

Essie Dennis

Nelly London
Precious Adams
Benedict Cork
Sophia Hadjipanteli

Karen Harding


Crush Agency

Cortex Creatives

Titanium Model Management


Glamour UK Digital Cover - The Self Love Issue

L'Officiel Lithuania - Boxed Dreams 

The Observer - The Rocks Film Press Release

Anon Magazine- soft-sombre

Dreamingless Issue 48 - Distracted Reality

French Fries Magazine - Lost in a Day Dream

Cortex Creatives - Karen Harding Interview

Schon Magazine - Hwa Knitwear x Boys Be Kawaii Interview

La Botanica Magazine – Lost in a Day Dream

Vogue Italia – Photo Vogue (Marion Midnight Gallery) – New Romantics

French Fries Magazine - Eden

Kaltblut – Relaxed Street-Style

Vogue Italia – Photo Vogue (Zea Lindström Gallery) – Women of Acceptance

PAP Magazine – Intimacy

Sacrebleu Magazine Issue 5

Vogue Italia – Photo Vogue (Daniel Filipe Gallery) – Jasmine, The Time Don’t Stop, Laisan, NamYoon, Caroline and Piper

Solstice Magazine Issue 27, Volume 2 – Day Trippers

Dreamingless Magazine Issue 47 - Togetherness

Lucy’s Magazine – Now Trending

Imirage Magazine – Nina

Ellements Magazine Spring 2019 Issue 4 –Flower Addicted

Elegant Magazine Volume 58, No. 01 – Colour Theory

PAP Magazine – Le Jardin

Penny Magazine Volume 04 – Spring Wizardry

Lutra Magazine Issue 01 – Mixtape Confessions




Call:   07722429991

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