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My Year

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

Long time no blog...apologies! I hope you all enjoyed the New Year celebrations and all of the holiday festivities. I wanted to write a blog post about the past year to summarise everything I got up to...I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it!

This make-up look was inspired by James Charles and Jodie Hulme. This year is your blank canvas, create it however you like.

As I'm sure many of you can agree with, 2017 had it's highs and lows (politically, personally and professionally). I almost went to university this year but it turned out very differently! Before I begin with 2017 though, I need to give you a bit of extra information as a prerequisite: my Mum has always suggested make-up schools or college courses for make-up but I always said I wasn't interested in it as I didn't think that I would be any good at it. Sure, I enjoyed doing my own make-up and I liked to see what other people could create and enviously wish I could be that talented but I didn't think I would be able to achieve such things. So there's your prerequisite, you may now proceed with the rest of the post!

Makeup-wise, my 2017 didn't really start until the beginning of Summer when I was asked to help a family friend with their make-up for their school prom. I had never done anybody's make-up before (apart from my own) and I was nervous to make mistake as it was her prom look after all. Nonetheless, I loved it! I was encouraged by her and several others to look at make-up schools and colleges so that I could pursue it as a possible career. I have admit turns out Mum's always do know best...she was right. I got the bug for make-up! Safe to say, I heard a lot of "I told you so"s this year.

After that, I enrolled at the Academy of Freelance Make-up as part of their online school. I chose to enrol in online make-up school as I am still employed full time and this way, I am able to adapt my hours of learning around my job so that it suits me and I can still do both! I am still working through my course and I hope to complete it by Summer 2018 and to have gained my Diploma in Freelance Make-up Artistry.

I am thoroughly enjoyed the course so far and I am almost half-way through the assigned modules. Let me know if you would like a blog post documenting my experiences with online and distance learning!

In September, I attended the Little Beauty Academy which is a small beauty school in Ware. Anna is the tutor who runs the school and she made me feel so welcome and at ease as soon as I arrived. The class sizes are small so that you are guaranteed the attention you need. I enjoyed my course in Gel Nail Polish so much that I returned exactly one week later to complete the Gel Nail Art course! I loved both courses and I am very proud of gaining my certificates. I am hoping to return to the Little Beauty Academy this year to complete some more courses to add to my list of services that I provide all of you with, this space!

At the end of October, I began my IMA accredited qualification at the London School of Make-up. I did a week-long course which was over 5 days and included their Foundation course, and European and Asian Bridal Make-up certificate. The Foundation course (which usually lasts for at least 2 weeks) was condensed into the first 2 days, European Bridal was on the third day and Asian Bridal was the final 2 days. I chose to do a fast-tracked Foundation course as it meant I was able to have the time off from my full-time job to do it. Although this meant the course was extremely fast-paced and there was a lot of information to take in and retain, I feel like this worked best for me and my style of learning. I enjoyed how hands-on the course was and how friendly everybody at the college was. I am now completing my home study portion of the programme and loving it! I won't say it's easy having to juggle full-time employment, online school, home study and a social life but it is achievable with a lot of hard work and dedication; and it is so worth it. I keep repeating myself but I really am loving it all. Sure, there are never enough hours in a day but that just makes it so much more rewarding when you find that you can do it and you are able to do it all and much more! I've already worked on several different projects (including: nails, make-up, social media and setting up my website), including a photo shoot for one of my friend's bodybuilding competitions.

As for 2018? Well...I still plan on going to university at some point (I have a LOT of dreams and I plan to achieve all of them!) but I think Open University may be best for me as I have discovered that I enjoy distance learning and I work well that way. As I said earlier, there are several other courses and qualifications that I would like to have under my belt so that is on the agenda for 2018. I may not have them all done by this time next year but I'm sure I will be well on my way!

This time last year, I had no idea what the year would hold but I have a much better idea and plan this time round...who knows what next year will bring and what I will be saying one year from now?!

All I do know for sure, though, is that 2018 is going to be my year! I hope it is your year too!

How was your 2017, did you achieve or start working towards any of your dreams? How is 2018 going to be different and better? Tell me in the comments!

Leave me a like and comment on if there are any blog posts you would like me to do (e.g. my experiences with make-up colleges; the differences between online make-up school and brick-and-mortar schools; how to attract clients or building an online presence); let me know!

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